Today’s presentation to Council by USA Pickleball Ambassador Dr. Ed Carlson.

­Coquina Key Monday 10.17

6 Courts full 24 players + Both Paddle racks 32 + Put Paddles in Fence = 60+Players!

Two Empty Tennis Courts

“Dual Use” Courts for Pickleball and Tennis ~ Council Resolution

Around the nation and around the world, “Dual Use” of tennis courts is being utilized for Pickleball sharing valuable space.

Walter Fuller Rec Center has 4 different color sets of lines on wood floor.

  • Black: Basketball
  • Red: Volleyball
  • Navy: Pickleball
  • Blue Tape: Competitive Volleyball.

ALL easily share the valuable space!


Ashville, NC lined city courts (12) for dual use. “40 players packed the dual-lined courts.” Read Story here:


“Dual Use” Court Diagrams ~ USA Pickleball

City Council MembersResolution ~ Fund Pickleball Lines on 2 Tennis Courts at each of the 3 most packed play locations, Coquina Key, Crescent Lake, Walter Fuller.

Pickleball Players throughout St. Pete respectfully ask Council, recognizing the burgeoning demand for Pickleball Courts, to authorize the painting of 2 Pickleball court lines (not touching tennis lines), [not 4 Pickleball courts/tennis court] for 2 tennis courts each at CK, CL, WF. Fund $1,500 for this enhancement of Pickleball in St. Pete demonstrating City support for Pickleball.

B.Y.O.N. ~ Bring Your Own Net ~ is now an acronym in USA Pickleball.

Players bring their own net, rather than city providing. Or, the city can provide. Relieves some of immediate pressure, while develop a Pickleball Master Plan and more courts.


Tampa “Riverfront Park” – 4 Pickleball courts on 1 Tennis court… Orange Lines.

SPPA requests the easier 2 courts per 1 Tennis court.

Lines lighter Blue on Blue tennis court, not crossing any tennis line. (vs 4 Orange)

  + MacFarlane Park + Roy Haynes Park + Additional


PB 22  Council Presentation 3 Dr. Ed

I AM Dr. Ed Carlson, USA Pickleball Ambassador.

7691 30th Av. N

Age 14 I began Tennis

2010 I got Pickleball started in St. Pete. Then first 2 outdoor courts in 2013.

Finally gave my racquets away 3 years ago.

Our goal is to BLEND Tennis and Pickleball as symbiotic, and good for all.

“St. Pete, We Have a Crowding Problem.”

Here is a photo of Coquina Key courts Monday this week.

24 players on 6 courts, 32 paddles in two racks to play, Plus paddles in fence.

         Over 60 players, waiting 30 to 40 minutes between games.

         Two EMPTY Tennis courts. St. Pete has 60 tennis courts.

“Data Driven REALITY” is essential.  2 Examples

1. City Website, Summer Leagues sent to you all.

  • 1 each Kickball and Basketball
  • 2 Flag Football
  • 10 Softball
  • 12 Pickleball
  • 0 Tennis

 In the heat of summer, 110 Pickleball Teams, 3-4 players = 330 to 440 players.

2. City looked at Azalea and Walter Fuller tennis courts only, for a week, 1 court in use half the times about, Pickleball players from 4 major play areas did a 12-day count for “Data Drive REALITY:” Results sent to you all:

  • 794 Pickleball Players and 46 Tennis Players!
  • 17 times as many Pickleball Players!

For further data, do a week study of hourly use of each court, on a spread sheet, at each of the 4 major play locations. Or ask SPPA to do it.