Kevin, Wanda, and Dr. Ed knocked it out of the ball park! Mayor responded (from his cell) to Kevin’s invitation: I will view all on video.

With the last minute shift in times, we still had good ORANGE Shirts in the audience. VERY powerful for Council and Mayor to see some of the many Players being represented by the speakers!!! Thank You All. 

SPPA President Kevin presents: Introduces SPPA, Goals, 3,000+ Contacts, Sister Cities expanding PB Courts rapidly, lend our experience and expertise to city developing a PICKLEBALL MASTER PLAN.

SPPA Board Member Wanda speaks her mind on crowding crises in St. Pete. “Five times a week, I travel to G.T. Bray in Bradenton.”

Dr. Ed presents: Crowding Crisis CK photo; City Website: 12 Pickleball Leagues, 110 Teams, 330-440 Players in Hot Summer League, 0 Tennis Leagues. Pickleball is the largest active sports leagues in St. Pete. 

12 Day survey: 17 times as many Pickleball Players as Tennis. Urgent Immediate response “Dual Use” 2 tennis courts at 3 locations CK, CL, WF.

Our growing Ocean of Orange!

City Chair, Gina Driscoll, Pickleball player, had on Orange!

ATTENTION: Lots and Lots of Orange Shirts in audience creates POWER in view of Council.

We have shirts for frequent participants. Loaner Vests for occasional participants.

PLAN to be Present the next 6 meetings for 30 minutes. Mark Your Calendar!

  • Nov 3, 9am
  • Nov 10, 3pm
  • Nov 17, 1:30 pm
  • Dec 1, 9am
  • Dec 8, 3pm
  • Dec 15 1:30pm

SPEAKERS ~ Join our possible Speakers List.

    Email your address (for sign up) and topic(s) or speak on any, to me.

Location – 175 5th St No, St. Pete. City Hall.

FREE Parking lot 2nd Ave just north of City Hall.

Come few minutes early to clear Security and get a good seat.

SIT on FRONT Row, or 2nd Row if Front is full. 

WE want to be SEEN!